Elisabeth Carlisle BandThis new year will bring a new single and a new tour…more to come on the “HOW SWEDE IT IS” 2018 TOUR! It’s been awhile, but the band is back and ready to move on down the road! Stay tuned.


In the studio 2017!

Back with the band at YLA Studios in Malmö, Sweden this summer! Single will be released early 2018….thank you to producer and multi-instrumentalist Amir Aly, guitarist Pelle Jernryd, percussionist Mattias Peterson, Hammond B3 extraordinaire Göran Engström, and bassist Jörgen Lindström.

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and NAMM Foundation to visit Scotts Valley High School for a 2-day residency.

Community Forum Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 10-11 AM in the high school student union. All are welcome to come hear about the power of music education in our schools!

Save the dates! Our SupportMusic Community Forum and John Lennon two-day residency is Feb. 22-23.



Don Quixote’s International Music Hall Show Sunday, January 10, 2016


Photo by Emma Hollenbeck

Two singers and performers with voices full of power and poetry

Don Quixote’s in Felton, 6275 Hwy 9

Sun. Jan. 10 at 2pm
$10 adv./$10 door seated <21 w/parent

Elisabeth Carlisle :  What Artists and the Press are Saying About Elisabeth Carlisle: “Likened to artists such as Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Melissa Etheridge, the sound of Carlisle is that of a strong, skillful and intelligent woman with a voice full of poetry.” Good Times, Santa Cruz, CA.   “Elisabeth is a wonderful artist and writer with a strong sense of self and a unique and passionate sensibility. First rate on all levels.” Eric Bazilian, Co-Founder, The Hooters

Haley Johnsen ‘s influences range from the eccentricities of bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd; to classic, folk and indie-rock vocalists such as of Eva Cassidy, Nicole Atkins, Florence Welch and Brandi Carlile – all artists with a flair for the dramatic in their delivery.  Haley in her own words:  “From a melodic standpoint, I have a hard time writing songs that don’t build to an epic moment.  As a naturally a loud singer, it is really fun for me to play with intricate melodies that reach a point where I can just belt it out with a big lunged chorus, taking the song in a direction the listener wouldn’t expect it to go. “

Singing back up vocals for Swedish band EDWARD at Abbey Road Studios last week.

In a master class with Alan Parsons at Abbey Road Studios working with Swedish band, EDWARD.

Show just added at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton, CA for January 10, 2016 at 2 PM. Joining me on stage will be Haley Johnsen, an American Idol runner up from Oregon. Mark your calendars!

With my recording arts students at KPIG Radio!

Elisabeth Carlisle music on Spotify. See link below!

My music program won a GRAMMY Award in 2011 for the recording arts program I implemented and we were chosen as semi-finalists again in 2014 for the GRAMMY Foundation’s Signature Enterprise Award.

GRAMMY Scotts Valley High School

GRAMMY Scotts Valley High School

When I first started teaching music at Scotts Valley High I saw a lot of students that weren’t involved in Band or Choir. You know who they are….the rockers, the rappers and the songwriters!! Although some of them were in the performing ensembles, many were not. They were on their computers composing through GarageBand, Reason, Logic, and other DAWs. They were carrying their guitars on their backs through campus and sitting on the grass at lunch playing. I knew I had to give them what I never had in school….an education in the music industry! I proposed this idea to the GRAMMY Foundation back in 2011 and they awarded us a GRAMMY for music education and a $5500 grant. That helped me to purchase Logic, microphones, keyboards and a drum. Yay! Good start!

Next, I worked with our local business, Universal Audio (I know! We’re so lucky they’re in our backyard!!) and they came and built us a studio at the high school with ALL their software. It is so amazing! Then our local Rotary Club purchased us a studio computer. Studio was now set to go! One problem…the school district didn’t have the money to pay me to teach the class.

Soooo…being Taurus I don’t accept “No” for an answer (I’m very stubborn!) I found out that the county office of education had a separate funding program for “vocational/career” type classes. Because of my years of working in the industry I was eligible to apply for a CTE (Career Tech Education) credential, in addition to the California Music Credential I already had. This CTE credential allowed me to teach a class through their program. However, problem number two….they don’t have a Recording Arts class in their program and there’s none in the state! Of course that didn’t stop me, I compiled a list of local jobs in the audio and recording industry (helps living near the Silicon Valley!) and I proposed a coursework plan to teach the class. They approved it and the next year we launched the class! Whew!!

I’m just finishing up my second year and I can honestly say that it was worth every effort to launch this class. I tripled the number of students enrolled in music classes at our high school. Every year the students put out their own CD of original songs, recorded and mixed by themselves! As I always say….”Don’t you wish we had this when we were in school???”

Thank you to the GRAMMY Foundation for recognizing our efforts to be innovative in music education and bringing our program into the 21st Century. Our GRAMMY from 2011 sits in the front office and is the first thing anyone sees when they walk in. We are honored to be among 30 schools chosen from across the nation as a semi-finalist for this year’s award.

I encourage anyone that is in the music industry to get involved in your local schools and bring your talent and expertise to these students. Music teachers are very overworked and are most likely doing the job of 2 teachers. They can always use help, whether it’s money or instruction I would be very surprised if they turned you down. Investing in our youth is worth every second. You will walk away feeling that it is YOU that got the gift. I know that’s how I feel at the end of every school day.

Teaching a Recording Arts Class at Scotts Valley High School

Thanks to Universal Audio, Antares and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education I’ve been able to start up a new recording arts class at our local high school. My goal has always been to have a class like this, where I can share a variety of music and teach students the art of songwriting and recording. The class has received the Grammy Foundation’s Signature Award for Music Education, as well as been recognized by the NAMM Foundation for our community’s support for this kind of music program.

Here is an article about my students in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. They were amazing to work with!

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