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YouTube Restless Spirit Music Video

A group of students from De Anza College in San Jose shot this music video using my song Restless Spirit off the No Worries CD. My daughter and I had fun changing into different personas throughout the day. I’m actually wearing the skirt of my mother’s wedding dress! They asked for a wedding dress, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, a horse, and a rope swing! My friend’s helped provide all the above and they filled in the rest. Most was filmed at my house, some at my friend Clare’s stable in Felton. Her horse is Remy. We’re good friends now!  All my riding in high school with my friend Pam paid off for that scene. The lighthouse shots are down in the Santa Cruz Harbor. It was a windy, cold day. I was freezing, but I bucked up for the sake of art!! Ended at our house. My daughter really is laughing her head off watching me rope swing. I’m telling you that was a workout!! After about 10 takes I said “No more please!!” I do like the shots though. The whole shoot was done in one day. My sister was correct when she said “You must have been in heaven pulling out all your clothes for this!” I was. Living in a small town doesn’t allow me to wear all the beautiful clothing I’ve collected over the years. I think I had my whole closet out on the bed. My husband just kind of stayed out of the way and observed.

At first my daughter was only going to have a cameo, but it didn’t take long to see that she was photogenic and clearly needed to be the center!! That took a lot of pressure off of me. The whole theme to the song is about not wanting to give up your childhood, or childish ways. It was perfect to intertwine her free spirit with mine. Those who know me know that I still cling to my “child within” with a passion! But my life as a mother could not be more fulfilling than anything else I’ve chosen.

Video Team from De Anza College

Music Video Here:

Blog on Photos

I just spent the last week uploading all my photos from the tour. I am fully aware that there are way more pictures than anyone would be interested in, but I had fun going through them (and believe it or not, deleting many shots!) My friend Mary Sullivan came over from LA and helped me through the tour. She took most of the photos, some from my sister-in-law Karin too I think. Posting them is probably more for me than anyone else, except for maybe the many musicians and friends that were a part of it all. I hope I was able to give them some good photos to remember our time together. Of course one can never capture their experience in full through film. These are just snippets of moments in a grand scale of events that occurred.  This is probably my 15th or so trip to Sweden and I can honestly say that each trip has left an impact on my life. I can’t really explain it….maybe that’s why over 10 friends have joined me through the years to this awesome country! They will tell you the same.

If you have not been, maybe for now these photos can give you a glimpse into the people and the landscape of Sweden and why I keep going back! I hope you enjoy them.

Photos of Stockholm

Stockholm City

Tour ended in Stockholm. What an incredible city and a perfect way to complete my trip!

Pics up at:!/album.php?aid=159226&id=531548603

Photos of Ostersund/ Jamtland

Ostersund, Sweden

After working 45 straight days in a row touring and recording I finally had a chance to relax, and what better place to go than my home away from home….Ostersund!!

Pics at:!/album.php?aid=159201&id=531548603

Photos of Salvation Army Benefit Concert Malmo, Sweden

Salvation Army Malmo, Sweden

Benefit concert at Felton Presbyterian Church, Calif. and at the Salvation Army in Malmo, Sweden raised over $800 for Malmo’s families in need. Thank you to all who helped make this possible!

Pics at:!/album.php?aid=158952&id=531548603&ref=mf

Photos from Tivoli show Helsingborg, Sweden March 5, 2010

On stage with Gustav Haggren

Photos of show at:!/album.php?aid=158710&id=531548603

Photos of Malmo and recording at Yla Studios

Recording piano tracks at YLA Studios for two new songs.

See photos of Malmo leg of the tour at:


Opera house on the left. Last night in Stockholm. Has been a great tour in a wonderful country. Thank you Sweden!

Home from the Emerald City

Wow! Home now. What happened? Can’t believe the tour is over. Spent 12 hours on Lufthansa thinking about all the details of the trip and all the incredible people and places I experienced. Thank you to everyone that came out to the shows, hosted me and Mary, and showed us the typical Swedish welcome!!

Terry and Emma picked me up at the airport. So great to see them!! They really held the fort down while I was gone. The house looks great and they planted new flowers in the garden over the weekend. I am truly blessed with my family.

I will be posting pics as I upload and unwind in the next couple days. Anyone that wants to continue to have a  look into Swedish culture should check back!

I think it’s time to sleep now…..

Bonden Bar

Soundcheck at Bonden Bar.

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