Mid tour report

Helsingborg was a big success. In the round with some incredible musicians. Great audience and wonderful to see some friends again. Thank you Marcus for putting that together.

Salvation Army was a small crowd, but a new concept for most here. I am discovering that fund raising for local charity in this country isn’t as common as in the states. I have had some discussion with people and maybe it’s because they have social services that provide, so the people don’t need to. However, some feel this is changing and they need to look more and more to doing it themselves, especially for local community suppport. Salvation Army is trying to get their center to become more contemporary and using music and the visual arts to draw in younger people. I had some teenagers at the show that really enjoyed it and I had an opportunity to talk with them. They really liked the music and it was nice to see they could hang in a non-drinking environment and hear a band and still have fun!! I could tell they really looked up to the guys in my band for their talent and that they were playing there for them. I believe it meant a lot. So between the Felton Presbyterian Church Choir money I brought and the money collected we were able to give about $800 towards their work with families in need. Thank you again to my amazing band for contributing ther time and talent to this event. You are the best!!!!!

We got two songs recorded and they should be completed by mid-May. Again, the band pulled through with their usual professionalism. Thank you Göran, Pelle, Mattias, Jörgen and my dear AMIR!!!!

In Östersund now, near the Norwegian border. I am very tired after all the recording and performing last week. My friend Mary and I took the all night train from Malmö, so needless to say we didn’t sleep much!! Try sleeping while going around corners at 100 mph!!! Definitely in snow country now….but so beautiful with all the little red houses.

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