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I just spent the last week uploading all my photos from the tour. I am fully aware that there are way more pictures than anyone would be interested in, but I had fun going through them (and believe it or not, deleting many shots!) My friend Mary Sullivan came over from LA and helped me through the tour. She took most of the photos, some from my sister-in-law Karin too I think. Posting them is probably more for me than anyone else, except for maybe the many musicians and friends that were a part of it all. I hope I was able to give them some good photos to remember our time together. Of course one can never capture their experience in full through film. These are just snippets of moments in a grand scale of events that occurred.  This is probably my 15th or so trip to Sweden and I can honestly say that each trip has left an impact on my life. I can’t really explain it….maybe that’s why over 10 friends have joined me through the years to this awesome country! They will tell you the same.

If you have not been, maybe for now these photos can give you a glimpse into the people and the landscape of Sweden and why I keep going back! I hope you enjoy them.

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