YouTube Restless Spirit Music Video

A group of students from De Anza College in San Jose shot this music video using my song Restless Spirit off the No Worries CD. My daughter and I had fun changing into different personas throughout the day. I’m actually wearing the skirt of my mother’s wedding dress! They asked for a wedding dress, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, a horse, and a rope swing! My friend’s helped provide all the above and they filled in the rest. Most was filmed at my house, some at my friend Clare’s stable in Felton. Her horse is Remy. We’re good friends now!  All my riding in high school with my friend Pam paid off for that scene. The lighthouse shots are down in the Santa Cruz Harbor. It was a windy, cold day. I was freezing, but I bucked up for the sake of art!! Ended at our house. My daughter really is laughing her head off watching me rope swing. I’m telling you that was a workout!! After about 10 takes I said “No more please!!” I do like the shots though. The whole shoot was done in one day. My sister was correct when she said “You must have been in heaven pulling out all your clothes for this!” I was. Living in a small town doesn’t allow me to wear all the beautiful clothing I’ve collected over the years. I think I had my whole closet out on the bed. My husband just kind of stayed out of the way and observed.

At first my daughter was only going to have a cameo, but it didn’t take long to see that she was photogenic and clearly needed to be the center!! That took a lot of pressure off of me. The whole theme to the song is about not wanting to give up your childhood, or childish ways. It was perfect to intertwine her free spirit with mine. Those who know me know that I still cling to my “child within” with a passion! But my life as a mother could not be more fulfilling than anything else I’ve chosen.

Video Team from De Anza College

Music Video Here:

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