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YouTube Tivoli-Helsingborg, Sweden. In-the-round…

Live at 5 Star Motel Tivoli March 2010 with Matti Johansson, Gustav Haggren, Elisabeth Carlisle, Lars Bygdèn, Andreas Ejnarsson and Daniel Frank.

Song is In the End off my No Worries CD. The band did a great country version of this song at the Salvataion Army Benefit Concert. Maybe we’ll re-record it one of these days. In the meantime, this is the “stripped down” version with some excellent guitarists adding their touch.

The Band

Goran Engstrom, Pelle Jernryd, Amir Aly, Jorgen Lindstrom, and Mattias Pedersen

The band after the Salvation Army Benefit Concert in Malmo, Sweden

Point Lobos

Stopped at Point Lobos on our way home. Saw the cutest Sea Otter!

Point Lobos near Carmel, California

Big Sur

Some time with the family over Spring Break. We live a couple hours from Big Sur, but I’ve only been there once!! So we did the long and winding road down to Sand Dollar Beach. Had dinner at Nepenthe and then breakfast the next morning at The River’s Inn. So beautiful! You know what they say about not visiting your own backyard!

Bixby Bridge