Eurovision documentary featuring YLA Studios!

Amir Aly and Pelle Jernryd at YLA Studios

 A friend emailed me from Sweden this week that she saw my picture on a wall while watching a documentary on music! There’s only one wall I could think of and that is in Amir’s studio in Malmo. I was correct.  This documentary on Eurovision is very interesting…and the commentator is hilarious! Eurovision was the model for American Idol. I can remember when I first went to Sweden and “experienced” the phenomenon!! It was like Europe just shut down for the finals (sound familiar?) While I was recording my two songs in the studio this past March Amir was telling me about  Alexander Rybak coming into the studio after me. In fact, my producer had to postpone Alexander since I was there for just that week to record.  (Something his Russian label was not too happy about I guess, but waited nonetheless because Amir is worth waiting for!) ANYWAY, I had no idea who he was and I can appreciate his music now. I think I’ll promote a violin program into our schools next year! Hope you enjoy the video…..

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