Elisabeth Carlisle

“Likened to artists such as Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Melissa Etheridge, the sound of Carlisle is that of a strong, skillful and intelligent woman with a voice full of poetry.” Good Times Santa Cruz, CA

Elisabeth worked with Swedish musicians Pelle Jernryd, Thomas Holst, Mattias Pedersen, Goran Engstrom, Amir Aly, and Carl-Alberto Bettini for her second CD, Roll with the Flow,  released in 2004. Her band performed at Sweden’s Peace and Love Festival, as well as taking a California tour which included LA’s Viper Room and Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz.

The band added bassist Jorgen Lindstrom-Larsson in 2010 and was back at Yla Studios ( http://www.ylastudios.com) with producer Amir Aly recording two new singles and a tour that included Helsingborg’s Tivoli, a benefit concert for Malmo’s Salvation Army’s mission work with youth and families in need, and ended in Stockholm at the popular Bonden Bar in Sodermalm.

The newest CD, Elisabeth Carlisle EP, was released with 4 new songs in 2011. This new EP includes co-writes with Anine Bing and Hollis Oliver.

The new EP is now released and can be purchased at cdbaby.com under Elisabeth Carlisle. Music is also available at iTunes.

Enjoy the music video released on YouTube, Restless Spirit off the No Worries CD.



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