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Elisabeth Carlisle BandThis new year will bring a new single and a new tour…more to come on the “HOW SWEDE IT IS” 2018 TOUR! It’s been awhile, but the band is back and ready to move on down the road! Stay tuned.


New EP gets a review in LA’s Music Connection August Issue Page 49

Go to AUGUST issue, page 49.

The Band

Goran Engstrom, Pelle Jernryd, Amir Aly, Jorgen Lindstrom, and Mattias Pedersen

The band after the Salvation Army Benefit Concert in Malmo, Sweden


Soundcheck in Malmo

In the Studio

Amir and Pelle arrange guitar parts. YLA Studios, Malmo, Sweden.

The Band

This is my band from Malmo, Sweden. Meet Thomas Holst, Mattias Pedersen, Amir Aly, Pelle Jernryd, and Goran Engstrom We will be performing a benefit concert for Malmo’s Salvation Army on Saturday, March 6th at 8 PM, Grabrodersgatan 9.