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Check out the Sitka Summer Music Festival

Big Sur

Some time with the family over Spring Break. We live a couple hours from Big Sur, but I’ve only been there once!! So we did the long and winding road down to Sand Dollar Beach. Had dinner at Nepenthe and then breakfast the next morning at The River’s Inn. So beautiful! You know what they say about not visiting your own backyard!

Bixby Bridge

Photos of Ostersund/ Jamtland

Ostersund, Sweden

After working 45 straight days in a row touring and recording I finally had a chance to relax, and what better place to go than my home away from home….Ostersund!!

Pics at:!/album.php?aid=159201&id=531548603


Opera house on the left. Last night in Stockholm. Has been a great tour in a wonderful country. Thank you Sweden!

My friend joined from LA

Friend Mary and me after my final show at Bonden Bar in Stockholm.

Winter in Sweden

Frozen waterfall near Norway.

Soul food

Having a light breakfast in San Francisco…signs of a city with a fine culinary art school! How many calories do you suppose we accumulated? So tasty!!

On the road…

Beautiful drive up the 5 and 101 from LA back to Santa Cruz. Rare view of snow on the Angeles Forest ridge.