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  1. Hi There:

    It’s nice to see you’re still out here, E. How’s life going? I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve emailed!

    Take care,


    • Hey Nancy! Trying to keep my creative side nourished! Thanks for the note. Life is going well….off to Sweden for a small tour and some recording in March. Otherwise, staying nestled in the Redwoods and writing songs. 🙂 How are you? E

  2. Shak Said:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Was very nice to meet you at the NARIP event.
    Saw your youtube video…is that your daughter? very sweet : )
    I love the Sitar/Tabla Indian vibe in parts of the production!
    You can check out some demos of mine here

    Have a great weekend!


    • Hi Shak,

      Yes, that is my daughter. Something we’ll have forever! 🙂 I’ll check out your MySpace page and music. I’m glad we could meet and I hope to see you again at another NARIP event! Elisabeth

  3. Lisa DuFrene Said:

    Beth Carlisle from Santa Barbara? And Robinsons? I knew you when. We both worked in the Women’s Sportswear department with Gary Lunn in the mid 80’s (like a 100 years ago). Just poking around and found your name. I see you have done very well for yourself. I will have to check out more of your music. I like what I’ve heard!

    • Lisa….I totally recognize the name but can’t place a face. That was a few years back while I was attending the music program at UCSB and working at Robinson’s! What a flash to the past. Are you on Facebook? I’ll try to find you!

  4. Chriso Said:

    Hi Ms. Hollenbeck! This is Chris Youmans, the redhaired student who graduated from SVHS last year! I am now a college student at UC Berkeley and have recently become involved in some musical endeavors that I would very much like to consult you about. I believe that my sister is in your class. Would you be able to ask her to give you my contact information?

    Hope all is well!

    – Chris

    • Absolutely! I’d love to hear the music you’ve been working on. Have you had a chance to hear UC Berkeley’s Noteworthy singing group yet? They are great! Sounds like college life is treating you well. Talk to you soon, Mrs. H

  5. Carina och Per Said:

    Hello Elisabeth. We meet you in Helsingborg long time ago. 2002. But we stil remember you. It was à small pub and you where singing. You sign us a cd the night after. Carina and Per

    • Hej Carina and Per! That must have been in Lonn Krogen? Thank you for remembering and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the music. We are currently promoting my new CD to Swedish radio so please let me know if you’ve heard it and if not, what radio station you’d like me to get my music to. I’ll have my promoter in Goteborg send it! 🙂

      Tack for your support and for your email.


  6. imallett Said:

    Hi, Ian Mallett here (From SLVHS Pop/Rock Songwriting class 2006; I ended up equal parts musician and CS researcher).

    I came across the CD of music we made in that class. Fun memories. I don’t suppose you have records of who else took that class, and what the songs were named?

    • Ian…I was managing my web site and saw this for the first time. So sorry I never replied 2 years ago! Great to hear from you. If I come across that CD and the songs I’ll let you know. Glad to hear you’re still doing music!

      • imallett Said:

        I actually have the songs themselves—just not, oddly enough, the titles nor (more-importantly) the other people who performed on them.

      • That was so long ago, I’d have to go back in my files and see who was in the class. I know we had a good class that year! If I find anything I’ll let you know. 🙂

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