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New video of “Bitch” released on YouTube. Recorded with my band in Sweden 2022. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Meredith Brooks’ hit song!

New Song Recorded in Sweden with the band…

Flew over to Sweden in March to record my first cover song. June is the 25th anniversary of the Meredith Brooks hit song Bitch. I toured with Meredith in the 90’s performing on stage as a back up singer and opening for her at several of her concerts. I watched Meredith perform the song opening for the Rolling Stones in Argentina and then at many festivals in Europe such as Roskilde in Denmark, Glastonbury in England and Rockpalast in Germany. It was an anthem that resonated with women (and the guys were singing too!) all over the world.

I will be releasing the song this week with a video recorded in the studio in Sweden with the band. It was so fun to sing it and I must say it felt good to embrace it so many years later. I will post when released.